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Santé Congo


A yellow fever certificate is required for entry into the Republic of the Congo

Polio, Measles and Covid 19 vaccines are mandatory for the gorilla tracking in Nouabale-Ndoki NP. COVID-19 rapid test before gorilla tracking will be done in Nouabale-Ndoki NP. Only a negative result will make it possible to track the gorillas

The park reserves the right not to allow gorilla tracking to individuals exhibiting cold, flu, or other respiratory symptoms in order to preserve the health of the gorillas, which remain an endangered species.

For malaria medication, please consult with your doctor for advice

Bring insect repellent (repellent containing DEET is recommended in the Congo Basin)

First aid on board. Emergency repatriation available to a hospital in Brazzaville during the trip

Emergency Medical Evacuation and Repatriation insurance required

Solar cream

Equipement Congo


Light and breathable clothing

Fast-drying shirts with long sleeves and fast-drying long pants (ideally in the colors of nature)

Closed walking shoes, light-weight and fast-drying or old running shoes

A light fleece or jumper for cooler weather in the evening

Lightweight raincoat

Sun hat, bathing suit, casual clothes and comfortable shoes for relaxing on board

Pair of binoculars (night vision a bonus), Torch or flashlight (head-lamp recommended)

Camera with minimum 200mm lens

Luggage should not exceed 20 kg due to weight limitation on domestic flight

Water Bottle

Light backpack for daily excursions

Climat Congo


The climate in the Congo is of the equatorial type with temperatures varying from 21 to 30 degrees Celsius between night and day.

Depending on the season, rainfall is more or less abundant in the Sangha region: September, October and November are the least rainy; July and December, January, February are the driest.

Each month has a more or less similar sunshine rate.

Tropical rain and sunshine daily.

Sécurité Congo


Most of the trip takes place in very sparsely populated areas and the Congo Republic is one the safest country in Africa.

For more information, check the travel advice on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country of residence.



Due to the remoteness and wilderness of the Sangha region, telephone and internet coverage is very limited. If you have an urgent need to contact your home or office, our ship is equipped with a satellite phone and satellite wifi. Before calling or using wifi, we will inform you of the charges and you may pay for these directly on board.