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Responsible travel

Traveling in a small group by disturbing the ecosystems as little as possible, by suffering only the tiniest trace of our passage, by preserving the right balance, this is our vision of travel. We travel to become aware of and admire the beauty of the world, to enrich ourselves, not to damage it. Our commitment to the Congo is for the long term and our development goes hand in hand with the preservation of the fauna, flora and indigenous cultures.

Commitment to local communities

We support the local economy by employing staff from different communities, paying taxes and levies. We contribute to social projects which, in turn, enrich the customer experience. Exploring the daily life and customs of local communities is an integral part of our expeditions.

Commitment to biodiversity and to the conservation of Indigenos cultures

The development of tourism is one of the key factors of environmental protection. The jobs created make it possible to offer new sources of income, replacing the bush meat trade, the main scourge for the survival of species.

To preserve the memory of indigenous peoples, we are also working on an audio collection project of the legends and oral traditions of the peoples of the Sangha region.

Photos : Scott Ramsey/WCS